> The freight forwarder draws up an entry form at the TCA self-management terminals, with the data associated to the cargo: number of pieces, weight, air waybill number, destination, date and flight number and the corresponding customs documentation (if known). This information is recorded on the TCA computer system.

> The vehicles with the cargo wait in the parking area until the freight forwarder hands them the entry form, allowing them to access the primary Customs area. Security personnel direct the entry of vehicles depending on the type of cargo and the availability of docking bays in each sector.

> In the case of general cargo, the operator receiving the cargo checks the quantity of packages, their condition, weight and that all packages are labeled with the corresponding air waybill. Having completed the check, the operator confirms or modifies the data previously entered into the computer system by the freight forwarder; and consequently concludes the entry of cargo to the warehouse.

> The TCA operator will organize the cargo for storage.

> Only if the relevant Customs documentation is submitted together with the cargo, will the weight ticket be issued and the data be entered into the MARIA system. Otherwise, this last process will remain pending until the party responsible for the entry of the cargo attaches the Customs documentation.

> In the case of perishable goods, they will be sent to a temperature-controlled area to maintain the the cold chain necessary for that type of goods. The perishable cargo can be unloaded directly onto the equipment assigned by the airlines for its transport and in the presence of the relevant supervisory authorities (Customs, SENASA).

> If the airline does not pick the cargo up immediately after it's been unloaded, it is put in cold storage set at the appropriate temperature to await its collection.
The head of the perishables section receives the cargo and confirms or modifies the data in the TCA system, therefore finalizing entry into the warehouse. With the relevant customs documentation, the operator enters the information into the system and issues the weight ticket.