General provisions

a) The current pricing scale will be applied to cargo handling and storage services provided within the International Cargo Terminals.
b) The fees for handling and storage services and/or other expenses arising thereof are payable in pesos, the legal currency in circulation at the time of payment or in U.S. dollars.
For the purposes of currency exchange, either the previous day's closing exchange rate on U.S. dollar listed by Banco Nación (sell rate) or the regulations issued by the Central Bank of Argentina at the time shall be applied.

c) The amounts expressed in dollars, refer to U.S. dollars.

d) The rates quoted here do not include current or future taxes on the activities and/or additional services.
e) Payment for services rendered does not cancel out the applicable rates scale, which will continue to accumulate until the goods are collected from the warehouse.
f) For the purpose of the payment of the handling and storage services, the weight of the cargo shall be the weight measured and recorded prior to its entry into the warehouse, where necessary.
g) Storage fees shall not be applied to imported goods that are picked up on the same day as the submission of the manifest by the carrier to Customs.
h) This pricing scale will apply from the date of publication.
i) The price of additional services, business hours and use of storage areas in the Cargo Terminals shall be established by an Administrative Notice, issued by the Services Concessionaire.